© Ruth Deutschmann, 2009

Written - Oral


Behind the written Tradition is the desire to capture the past. After oral Tradition is the need to let go of the past.
Writing is objectified, experience is passed on orally.
Fixing it comes to contemporary history, when released to life stories.
Literacy requires the placement of paper and distribution. Orality is immediate.
Written knowledge is transmitted orally, will experience changes.
Written trying to entemotionalisieren history
Oral passes on the experience of the circumvention of various passions. Written claims to knowledge authority, Oral committed to the authority of the living.
Written puts us about the past into the picture, Oral represents graphically established links to the past.
In printed words is past "down", in the past spoken word is "repealed".
Written explains and makes it difficult to Oral clarifies and makes it easy.
e. s.01. 05th 2009