Christine Fiegl, Ruth Deutschmann, 2008 © Benjamin Epp

In Progress

The "Virtual Museum of History" is, even if we already own heart, under construction and is designed as a further expansion.
Displayed subtitles, some of which are already available to make stories more understandable vernacular. They are also the prerequisite for the subtitles in English and Italian. Ladin stories - not yet being built - will be offered with German subtitles. The multilingual activation takes place in steps and after consideration of the texts in all functions.
Some clips are still displayed timecode. In the cases are trial versions. The films are in original high quality digitized first, and then replace the time being put into the net clips. mean black and white images on the page chroniclers of any content in the works (only the videos or the texts are available). Also in work is the indexing and Suchilfen.